Heavenhill is an unhosted 2 bedroom 2 bath furnished guesthouse. Nestled at the end of Bridge street, it provides privacy and peace and quiet. HH is just blocks away from the historic square and 100 yards from the convention center, city beach and Hewlett Park. If you like Antiquing, we are directly behind Witherspoon’s Antique Mall (a favorite)!

This is a unique home as it has an old barn, chicken coop and a nice lazy back porch that overlooks big old pecan trees.

Also, are you needing a place for a unique luncheon? Vintage Photography Session? Gallery/Studio for your art? HH is available to rent for day use as well!


                                                    ****Two Night Minimum Stay for the Weekends*****

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  • Josephine Heavenhill

    We found Josephine Heavenhill and Little Louise Miller "Cross of the Heart" Jan 1893 written on a piece of beadboard during renovation! I then researched Josephine and found out all sorts of neat stuff about her! Hence the name of the home~ Heavenhill!

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  • Welcome to Heavenhill

    The front of Hh all nestled in the .5 acre lot towards the end of East Bridge Street.

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  • Hh

    Another shot of Hh with the barn in the background, creates a farm-like feel to the property. What also takes you back in time, Hh has a working cistern that collects rain water to irrigate the landscape.

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/11058/front.jpg Front_thumb
  • Barn

    The barn was actually part of a house located on the north side of town. It was moved to the present location in 2004 and converted into a barn. Maybe, one day, it will be another "guesthouse" with a studio feel... stay tuned!

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  • Kitchen

    When you walk into the home, you will step into the kitchen. It is equipped with a stove and vintage sink. There is also a refrigerator and washer and dryer...however it is located in the pantry which is just steps away from the kitchen.

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  • Sink

    A closer look of the sink Shelbie salvaged from a cabin that was torn down about 3 blocks from Hh.

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  • Cupboard

    A unique cupboard holds dishes, cups, and silverware.

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  • Living Room

    A cozy living room welcomes you to watch antenna TV, DVDs (we have a collection in the cabinet), or listen to LPs on the record player! Records are also in the cabinet.

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  • Details

    Vintage details

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  • Gallery Room

    The "Gallery Room" which offers a full bed. Beyond the pink door is your own private bathroom. There is also a private door that leads you out to the back porch.

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  • Gallery Room

    Another shot of the Gallery Room with a vintage armoire.

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/10018/master_br.jpg Master_br_thumb
  • Gallery Bath

    Gallery Room's bathroom. Compete with a tub/shower combo.

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  • Quilt Room

    The "Quilt Room" is located on the the opposite side of the house. It also has its own private bathroom.

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  • Quilt Room Bath

    The "Quilt Room's" full bathroom has a tiled shower intermixed with unique floral Mexican tile Shelbie picked up while in college.

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/15647/252A1212e-R.jpg 252a1212e-r_thumb
  • Heavenhill's Floorplan in the 1930s

    Drawn from a woman that grew up there from the late 20s to the early 40s. This is her recollection of the layout of the house!

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/7700/letter.jpg Letter_thumb
  • Porch & Patio

    The back patio and porch offers comfy rocking chairs, picnic table, and grill.

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  • Backyard

    Another shot of the backyard with the patio and the view of the old chicken coop.

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/11060/patio.jpg Patio_thumb
  • About the Owner

    Shelbie Miller Gaddy loves Heavenhill with all her heart. She takes the property and buildings seriously and hopes guests have the best time while staying at her beloved home. When Shelbie goes on holiday, she usually stays at other vacation homes to learn how to better her Hh for future guests. Heavenhill is part of her family and she is always improving the site. So, do not be surprised when you come back for your second or third visit something has changed or Hh has been updated!

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